Sep 4, 2017

Courtney & Zachery | Horse Creek Farm Engagement

When Courtney began working at a jewelry store last October, she did what any girl would do – she picked out her dream engagement ring! Little did she know that two short months after, she would be wearing that same ring!

Courtney and Zach began dating their sophomore year of high school, and over the course of their dating years, Zach quickly realized how precious Courtney’s relationship was with her Great-Grandfather. Zach was planning the perfect proposal – and he knew he wanted her Great-Grandfather there to witness it.

Zach and Courtney were spending Christmas Eve with Courtney’s family, sharing laughs and enjoying each others company. After everyone opened their gifts, Zach asked Courtney to come outside for one last present. From there, Courtney’s mother led her outside, where Zach was standing in front of a handmade sign with Christmas lights that read “Will you marry me?”

It was an instant yes. Zach kneeled down and placed the ring on Courtney’s finger, and she realized it was the same one she had dreamed of having! She turned around to see her entire family watching, included her Great-Grandfather.

Needless to say, I have been counting down the days to Courtney and Zach’s engagement session!! They had travelled all the way from Hamlet when we met earlier this spring, and as soon as we met, I became an instant fan of their contagious smiles and genuine hearts for each other. <3

Courtney and Zach!! You know I just loved my time with you guys! If it was any indication of the beautiful day in store next May for your Horse Creek Farm Wedding, then I know incredible things are yet to come! 🙂 For now, enjoy a few favorites from our time spent together!