Sep 13, 2018

Zoe & Tim | Engagement

Tim planned the perfect proposal for Zoe – he even flew in his parents, her parents, and her Aunt for the big event!

Zoe & Tim had planned on going to one of their favorite places, Occoneechee Mountain State Park on a Saturday morning. Once they arrived, they began the hike leading up to the lookout, soaking in the beautiful day. Once they had made it to the lookout, they sat down on a bench while waiting for the crowd to thin out so they could go up to the railing to enjoy the view. They found a little spot to themselves, and Zoe began taking pictures of Tim looking out. Then, Tim turns around and begins walking towards Zoe (Zoe is still taking pictures of him!) Tim kisses her and says “I love you.” He then gets down on one knee and asked Zoe to marry him!!!! Zoe was SO surprised, and so overwhelmed with joy! She was still crying happy tears as they made their way back down the mountain. Zoe began seeing people poking out of the trees and she hears “I hope that’s a happy cry!” She then realized that her parents, Tim’s parents, and her Aunt were all there to celebrate with them!!! After many hugs and tears, they celebrated with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries at a picnic bench before all heading off for lunch together. Zoe and Tim did not know what to do the rest of the day, because everything else just seemed so unimportant 🙂

I loved my time spent with these two! Zoe and Tim are unbelievably sweet, and their joy for each other is unmatched! We shared so many laughs and I am SO thrilled for their big day!!!