Nov 20, 2016

How he asked

The sweetest day of my life. Tina had asked me to take family photos of everyone since they had missed the opportunity at the Gross Farms Conservation Farm of the Year Celebration on October 6th. We had so much fun that day – there wasn’t much time to get pictures,  besides the ones that were taken for the newspaper and the NCDA.

We all met at the farm for the “family photos” – everyone was so great at keeping a secret for so long! As soon as I stepped out of the truck, it started to rain. I walked in the house and asked everyone if they still wanted to shoot with the weather, and of course, they all said “yes!” By the time we made it to the field, the rain had stopped.

Perfect timing.

I spent a few minutes taking family photos which included the youngest sibling of the family, Luke. Tina then asked to take a few pictures of Cody and I. She normally takes photos of us, so I didn’t think anything of it at the time. As she was taking pictures, Luke walks towards Cody and I noticed he had something tied around his collar. Cody bent down and asked Luke what he had, and I saw a handmade sign that read “Will you marry my brother?” I fell to my knees and started crying. Cody handed me the sign and untied a ribbon that had a ring around it. He said, “I know you wanted this to be special. What could be more special than us asking you as a family? Will you marry us, babe?” I couldn’t even speak. With tears running down my face, I nodded “yes”, and he placed the ring on my finger. I started crying all over again when I saw the ring – it was so beautiful. He did so good. He held me until I stopped crying – and Makayla was right there wiping my tears away with a tissue.

Everyone made sure this day was perfect. John and Makayla made the sign that was tied to Luke’s collar (so special!) Makayla, Colton, and Kassidy helped Luke “get ready” for his surprise photos, and of course Tina, who put this whole day together.

And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we made it back to the house, it started raining again. God knew what he was doing.

I am so blessed.  dsc_0911dsc_0917dsc_0924dsc_0928dsc_0933dsc_0934dsc_0939dsc_0949dsc_0956dsc_0960003002-luke-2dsc_0981-2-final


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